onsdag den 22. juli 2009

mandag den 11. maj 2009

Press photo

The official press photo for LYST is by Paco y Manolo from Barcelona. They will participate with a series of photographs for the exhibition. http://pacoymanolo.blogspot.com/
Lyst is the Danish word for lust or desire and it is the title of a large in ambition exhibition of contemporary art by LGBTQH etc. artists.
The exhibition is put together idiosyncratically and by way of desire.
The exhibition doesn’t pay much attention to the artwork as such and may contain (approved by the artist) xeroxes, texts, zines etc. alongside works on paper, photography, video and performance. The ambition is to make a lustful, ready to burst bubble of serious and high in quality contemporary art.

Lyst will run from july 24th to august 2nd 2009 during the World Outgames which are held in Copenhagen in that period.